I've been a wedding photographer for a 7 years now, but I've been a graphic designer for over 20 years (wow), so I am very experienced with Graphics Software programs. I can choose any color style for my editing...but I've decided on *THIS* one. It's rich, real, natural lighting and color. I may enhance colors and balance skin tones, but I always keep the photo as close as possible to what I see. I chose this style because I believe timeless photos are more valuable than trends. This isn't decorating a house...you guys, my walls used to be turquoise, red, green, you name it. But they are all white and gray now because I can easily change the rest of my decor to current trends if I wish. Your wedding photos cannot be changed, so go with me on this one! ;)

I'M HERE TO Document your special day for a lifetime of memories

My style

I'M Suzanne!
Wife, mom, PHOTOGRAPHER,  AND animal lover

who I am...

As a child, Suzanne often found herself smiling into the lens of a large camera with an even larger flash. Her dad loved photography and everything about it…the lenses, the lights, the best film and paper. Naturally, Suzanne would eventually pick up this hobby. She was always creating or crafting something and used her skillset to achieve her Bachelor in Arts in both Graphic Design and Studio Arts. This lead her through jobs as a Graphic Designer for a yearbook company and later as a stationery designer, where she started to fall in love with the wedding process. Always interested in photography, she started to dive deeper to improve her skills testing various cameras, lenses, and lighting just like her father did. She started teaching Photography and Graphic Design at a local high school for five years, and then decided to start her own photography business in 2014 to fully continue her passion.